Smash Karts

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Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a multiplayer kart racing game. Collect weapon crates and attack your opponents in virtually any of several arenas with fun themes and seasonal designs. Level up your smash kart and unlock lots of rewards and new customization features.

How do you play Smash Karts?
Drive fast and dodge enemy attacks as you blow things up in this crazy kart arena battle adventure. In  smash karts io , players can join a series of unique arenas to play 3-minute battle royale brawls. Speed across the roads and dart at night obstacles. Pursue your opponents while launching the strangest weapons at them, from rockets and bullets to good old-fashioned sticks of dynamite and iron cannonballs.

As soon as you`ve been dropped into the arena, you`ll have to race toward the weapons crates to arm yourself. Each crate includes a random weapon you can utilize for a single, short-duration attack. Only once you`ve used your present weapon can you open a new crate and collect another one.

You can score plenty of extra points by smashing your opponents and blowing things up. If you get hit, you`ll need to sit out a 5-second recovery period before being teleported to a random area on the peripheries of the arena before you continue driving again.

Don`t forget to go to the main menu between rounds to see if you`ve already collected enough experience points to level up (shown by the progress bar in the very best left corner of the menu). You can even browse the available arenas and select a new someone to explore.

In the customization menu, it is possible to unlock and select new characters, karts, hats, and funny seasonal accessories such as for example Halloween pumpkins or Christmas decorations. Keep leveling around unlock more options.